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The Elneri Foundation

An eclectic family collection

This website strives to be accessible to all visitors, and if you know anything we can do to help it be more accessible for you, please contact us. Below we outline the various methods used to make this site more accessible.

Accessibility Features:

Content-First Design

We realize not everyone visits this website using normal web browsers, and we desire you to have a pleasant experience, so the pages on this site has minimal header information and links to skip directly to the content. Navigation is placed at the bottom of the page, and we use CSS to visually place the menu at the top.

Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site. On Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press Control + an access key. Links on this site can be accessed via the first letter of the link, unless otherwise indicated by a bold emphasis on another letter. The accesskey is also indicated when you hover over a link.

All pages on this site should define the following access keys:

KeyLinks to:
1Home page
2Skip to Content
3Skip to Navigation Menu
4Search [not yet enabled-future feature]
5The list of Not so Frequently Asked Questions [coming soon]
7Privacy Policy
8Terms of use [coming soon]
9Contact and Feedback page
0Accessibility statement
xReload current page


Most images used only for decorative purposes are loaded as background images using CSS. This prevents the page from being cluttered with them when viewing in an alternative browser if stylesheets are not loaded.

Images in the scrapbook will have long descriptions added to them to aid the visually impaired. We are still working on the best way to implement this.


While we use javascript on this site, we've implemented it only to ease the experience for those with normal browsers. All features of the site are accessible to those without javascript. The scrapbook has been redesigned to use PHP only, so javascript is not required for viewing or navigation.

More features will be added in the coming month. I thank you for your patience.